Are you one of those people who hold onto a gift that was given to you and “save” it for a later date?


And what occasion needs to happen to validate the use of this gift?


Do you “wait” for a special occasion to take place before you……..


……… that bottle of cologne your spouse gave you for your birthday




………..purchase new clothing and hang it in the closet with the tags still on and wait for just the right time to wear it?




……….do you hold off on using stationery, pretty soaps, razor blades, pens,  or new slippers, socks, or underwear until what you have is so tattered and unusable that you are forced to replace them?


If you are one of these people you are not alone.


You see, this behavior stems from a belief in lack.


A belief that there is not enough to go around at the time you will need it.


In other words – a scarcity mentality.


The other day I was working out of town and when I checked into my hotel room I was awarded an upgrade.


To a jacuzzi suite for the same price as a regular room.


I was to stay there for 2 nights.


So the first night as I was working in my room I glanced over at the tub and here is the thought that popped in my head:


“Why don’t you save it until tomorrow”.


And I caught myself and said – WHAAAAT???


What exactly would I be saving?


I had the room for 2 nights.


But yet I willingly (and subconsciously) told myself that I should wait to use the jacuzzi.


Here’s my video I cut while sitting in the jacuzzi tub without water in it:



Coincidentally I am also reading a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin at this time.


The chapter I am reading talks about this exact same mentality of lack and deprivation.


Why do we deprive ourselves of enjoyment in the present moment and psyche ourselves to believe we are saving the


pleasure for another time – like nothing else will come along later on?


Why can’t we trust there will be more?


Why do we hold back our joy?


Another example is – when you have something you use all the time, like a flashlight that you have lost the back of


and have duct tape holding the batteries in and trying to keep it working.


Why don’t you replace it with a new one?


Why do you wait?  Why delay?


Another example Gretchen Rubin mentions is coming up with some great ideas for a blog post and she finds herself


thinking “save it for another day”.


When I read this and realizing that I do this consistently I have come to the conclusion I need to learn ……


The art of spending out.


Spending out means not holding back.


Using that stationery, the pretty soaps, the cologne, the new sheets for the bed, wearing the new clothes NOW.


To hold back means you are sending a message to the Universe that you do not believe there is more for you.


A lack mentality.


So by learning how to “spend out” you also will not keep score.


How many times do you find yourself bargaining?


“I did the dinner dishes all this week so can you do _________for me?”


By learning the art of spending out you will learn how not to bargain, not to hold back on love and generosity.


Not to worry about getting paid back.


Not to look for a return on your “investment”.


Sarah Bernhart said, “It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.”


Have you ever noticed that people who give to charity seem to have more of an abundant lifestyle?


It’s almost like being charitable causes a person to attract money to them.


It’s really no secret if you think about it.


It’s just the Law Of Attraction working it’s divine ways.


And if I may quote Gretchen Rubin one more time “spending out creates a wealth of love and tenderness while calculation and scorekeeping  build resentment.”


So in a nutshell, by spending out your life will be more abundant with richer experiences because you will not be holding back.


You will be letting the Universe know you believe in the Law of Attraction and you will live a more fulfilling life.


After all, life is meant to be lived, not saved for another time.


Make sense?




What else are you holding back on?


Are you spending your time at working a job you hate but wanting something to change but you put it off until……..


What?  When?


Do you want to live a more fulfilled life, learning how to make a living and create a lifestyle that you did not realize existed?


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Thanks for checking out my post.  Please leave your comments below.



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