Why do you tell yourself you can’t do it?


“Do What”?  you say.


Do anything.  Do everything.  Do nothing.


Does it sound like I am talking in riddles???


Maybe I am.


But maybe I’m not.


Maybe you are like me and have been talking yourself out of success and feelings of accomplishment for a VERY long time.


I think you have, and I think right now you are.


I think you are part of the vast majority that slips into that abyss of non action and non progress.


I think you are a member of the “just get-through-the-day-without-conflict” club.


The word for that is SAB-O-TAGE.


Am I evoking (is that even a word?) feelings of anger from you at this moment?


If I am – GOOD.


After all  – who the hell am I to be accusing you of ANYTHING???


But let me just share this with you before you click on the delete button…..


You see – this is not personal.


How could it be – I don’t even know you personally.


Just sayin’ – why is it that WE…..


tell ourselves we CAN’T do something more than we say we CAN??????????????


I really want to know……


What Makes You Think You Can’t Do It?


It – meaning anything you tell yourself you can’t do.


I read a book by T Harv. Eker   called Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind.


It was a life changing book in many ways for me.


One of the biggest takeaways from that book was this one simple little quote:


“How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything”




That one quote changed my life.


It made me realize I need to be responsible for every thought and every action that comes from me.


If I say that integrity is important to me……


I better DAMN WELL be living that in every action, every breath, every thought.


My life better exude exactly what I want to be bringing into it.


What I put out in the Universe will come back to me tenfold.


And I better ask responsibly and quit blaming everyone else for my shortcomings.




If the concept of “how you do anything is how you do everything” escapes you


take some time and watch this video that will help explain……



So I’m going to end this blog post with just one more piece of inspiration (well, maybe two….)


“If you do not like where you are, move.  You are not a tree”  Jim Rohn.



Hope this post has given you the motivation to make some needed changes in your life.


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Connect with me in the comments below or look me up on Facebook.


Talk soon!!!!



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