How good are you at keeping your personal life separate from your business life?


Are you like most of us and have a hard time keeping the two separate?


It’s so easy to get the two intertwined.  We spend so much time at work or trying to build a business that sometimes we fail to remember the importance of keeping the two separate for your professionalism and your sanity.


Sometimes we have to make tough decisions in business.  We become familiar with our colleagues to the point where they become like family.  And if you are in a position where you have to make bottom line business decisions that involve these colleagues you have become close to it can make for some hard feelings.


Where can we get the best information on how to handle these tough times?


Check out our latest hangout – The Princess Mafia – we come to you every Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM EDT with solutions to life’s toughest situations.  And last night is no exception.


You can view it here:



You will see how these vital tips on how it’s not personal it’s business can relate to you and how you can be successful in any situation calling on a well thought out decision on your part.


It just takes being in the present moment, not taking it personal, accountability, kindness, integrity, and above all a good handle on the situation.


I am really interested to see what you think of these tips on It’s Not Personal It’s Business |Ways To Keep It Separate.


Please feel free to place your comments below or message me on Facebook


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon!




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