“Whether you think you can – or think you can’t – you’re right.”  – Henry Ford


In it’s simplicity, I think that is one of the most powerful quotes that exists.




Because in our world today, many of us search the planet for answers and reasons why things are the way they are.


This quote put it into plain and simple language where the answers to you most challenging questions lie….




I came across a powerful article by Julie W. Hubbs titled,


Thoughts Are Powerful


Taking your power back over negative influences can bring you happiness and opportunity beyond comparison.


Check out the article below:


Do you believe you are what you think? Let’s test the idea. When you think about de-cluttering your personal life by freeing yourself from over-eating, over-spending, over-scheduling, over-stressing and over-committing, what thoughts come to your mind? If your thoughts are positive and you get excited about simplifying your personal life, it is because you feel powerful and are expecting positive results. But, if you have thoughts of dread and defeat, it is because you feel powerless and are expecting the results to be negative.


When your thoughts are positive about a particular situation your feelings will follow in a positive way. The same is true with negative thoughts. If you think negatively your feelings will follow suit. Most people’s thoughts are subconscious. The actual thoughts are not actually put into words. For example, most people do not say to themselves, “Today, I chose to think negatively about myself and today I chose to be a very unhappy person.”


The only way to correct negative thoughts is to learn how to become aware of them. Because thoughts are often subconscious, it is not so easy to see the problems. If you don’t see problems, then you won’t believe there are problems, therefore the motivation to change is slim to none.


“People are their own worst enemy.” How many times have we heard that and what does it really even mean? In reality, very few people buy into the idea that our thoughts are powerful. Because of this, gaining control over thoughts and thinking is not a high priority on to-do lists. Negative thoughts can be an ongoing source of problems for people. It keeps people from exploring opportunities that could greatly benefit their lives. The negative thoughts poison relationships, both professionally and personally, it also creates a victim mentality, which is very emotionally harmful and exhausting.


So how does a person become aware of their thoughts and then weed out the thoughts that sabotage best intentions?


Awareness is critical. Become aware that your thoughts are negative and half the battle is won. You admit there is a need for change.


Get the best information for your situation. Gather information so you have multiple choices when it is time to make decisions. We make the best decisions when we gather the best information.


Use your best thinking not just the easiest thinking. Spend time investigating what is really going on. Does your interpretation of the situation match the reality of the situation? Is the person trying to harm you? Are your past thoughts interfering with your current relationship?


It is important to switch your perception. Instead of your glass always seeming half empty, start looking at your glass as mostly full.


Understand positive thinking starts with positive self-talk. The types of unspoken thoughts running through your head will influence how you think. Positive thinking does not mean being unaware of unpleasant situations going on in your world. It merely means you tackle unpleasant things from a more positive position. You have not given up hope that the best outcome could happen.


There are many health benefits when you change from being a negative thinker to a positive thinker. Researchers agree some of these benefits are lower rates of depression, lower levels of stress, increased lifespan and better psychological and physical well-being.


Becoming a positive thinker will not happen overnight. If you practice being a positive thinker every day you will cross over into being a positive person. You will learn to be less critical and more accepting. Begin being more positive today. Quit saying “I am not going to get any better at this” and start saying “I will give it another try!”


Julie W. Hubbs, M.S.(Blogger) is the owner of Woodworker Life Coaching, Carmichael, CA. Email- julie@woodworkerlifecoaching.com or http://www.woodworkerlifecoaching.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Julie_W._Hubbs/1667147

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9301617



I hope you liked this post How To Take Your Thoughts And Give Them Power


Keeping it simple and taking the suggestions above can change so much in your life you won’t believe it.


So many of us feel we are powerless over making changes in our lives.


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